Bioshares Biotech Summit 2017 - PROGRAM

2017 Bioshares Biotech Summit - Program
(Rydges Hotel, Queenstown)
Thursday 20 July, 2017

CEO Dinner
Jacks Point Clubhouse (Biotech company CEOs only, bookings essential) - Pick up from Rydges Hotel at 6pm

After Dinner Informal Drinks - Barmuda Bar, Queenstown
Friday 21 July, 2017
9.00am - 1pm Registration
(Queenstown Room, Rydges Hotel, Level 5)
9.15am Pre-Summit Master Class: Building a Healthcare Business in the USA

(Clancy's Room, Level 5)

Meet the CEO Pre-Summit Session
Garth Sutherland, founder of Adherium
Ralph Highnam, CEO of Volpara Solutions
(Clancy's Room, Level 5)

Welcome to the Bioshares Biotech Summit 2017

(Queenstown Room)

Objective Medicine – What Investors Need To Know
Miniaturisation, improvements to connectivity, new sensor development, refinements to sensors, improvements to chips and other components of medical devices, and well-established statistical approaches stand behind a powerful global movement that is seeing medicine based on guess work being supplemented and even replaced by superior objective tools and approaches.

To open discussion on the above, medical device expert and CEO of Medibio, Jack Cosentino, will consider what can be learnt from a modernising healthcare industry and the novel approach Medibio is taking to deliver objective health outcomes. This will be followed by Garth Sutherland, the CEO of Adherium, who will advance the arguments for technologies that improve respiratory drug compliance

Part A

- Jack Cosentino, CEO of Medibio, Keynote Speaker (see ASX release for copy of presentation)
- Garth Sutherland, CEO of Adherium


Insights to Fibrosis Drug Discovery & Development

Fibrotic conditions and diseases have emerged as a hot area for drug discovery and development.  Until 2016 there were no drugs approved to treat  NASH (liver fibrosis), when Intercept’s Ocaliva was given conditional approval by the FDA.  Novartis, Merck, J&J, Allergan, Gilead and Bristol Myers Squibb have been building fibrosis programs, with Boehringer Ingelheim acquiring an asset from Pharmaxis in 2015.

This session will open with an overview of deal making and trends in the fibrosis drug space, which will be followed by presentations that explain what differentiates the approaches taken by four ASX-listed companies working in the field, concluding with a panel discussion.

- Introduction by John Cullity, Torreya Partners
- Sam Cobb, CEO of Adalta
- Gary Phillips, CEO of Pharmaxis
- Karen Duggan, CEO of Vectus Biosystems
- Jerry Kanellos, COO and CSO of Immuron

3.15pm - 4.15pm Tea & Coffee Break

The Mike Hirshorn Address


The 4.45 Classroom
The closing session of the day is devoted to lessons; on investment, on working with large pharmaceutical firms, on how a drug was developed and brought to market, and on ground breaking new research

An Investor’s Check List for Biotech Stocks
- Steven Yatomi-Clarke, CEO of Prescient Therapeutics

Dealing with Life Science Multinationals
Practical lessons learned from hundreds of interactions with multinational life science groups
- Andrew Kelly, Executive Director, BioPacific Partners

Drug Development Case Study
The Story of the Development and Launch of Idelvion
- Michael Wilson, Senior Director of R&D, CSL

Latest Developments in Red Blood Cell Research
A fascinating, not-to-be missed presentation
- Ben Herbert, Director of Sangui Bio

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End of day’s formal sessions

7.00pm - 11pm - Cocktail Reception
Reds Bar
(Rydges Hotel, Level 6)

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Saturday 22 July, 2017
7.45am Tea & Coffee

Changing Landscapes, Challenges and Opportunities for Generic Drug Makers
Is the landscape for generic pharmaceuticals changing? Where do the opportunities exist for generics companies? How can investors better understand the value proposition of these companies? What are the implications from a more protectionist US market for local generic drug developers?

- Michael Kotsanis, CEO of Acrux (see ASX release for copy of presentation)


So You’ve Built It, Now You Have to Sell It!
In this session, the challenge of selling and marketing of medical, diagnostic and scientific equipment will discussed. Questions to be discussed include how a pilot sales program in a single territory can be used to optimise a sales strategy in other sales regions, the role of reference centres and KOLs in facilitating market entry, how to analyse a market according to purchaser decision making processes, how to service and support customers following market entry and how long and how much will it take to fund a sales team to reach positive cashflow and profitability

- Mike McCormick, CEO of Osprey Medical (see ASX release for copy of presentation)
- Brent Barnes, CEO of LBT Innovations
- James McBrayer, CEO of Cyclopharm
(see ASX release for copy of presentation)

9.40am - 10.40 am Tea & Coffee Break

Special Guest - Robert Peach, Co-founder of Receptos


New Biotechs
Recently Listed or Recently Formed: What Strategies Have These Companies Adopted to Drive Investment Returns for the next 12-18 months

- Christian Behrenbruch, CEO of Telix Pharmaceuticals
- Peter Rowland, CEO of Micro-X
- Matt Callahan, Executive Director of Botanix Pharmaceuticals

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Neurotech Session
Another hot area of drug development is neurotech, one of the last frontiers of medicine that still leaves many gaps in the treatments of patients across the world. Diseases of the central nervous system, such as Alzheimer’s and anxiety, are accelerating due to an aging population and more hectic lifestyles. This session will focus on companies seeking to improve diseases of the CNS and the commercial opportunities that exist. (Note, some neurotech companies will be featured under other topics at this Summit.)

- Bill Ketelbey, CEO of Actinogen Medical
- Deborah Rathjen, CEO of Bionomics

Clinical News
Opportunity for presentation of late breaking clinical news

- Kathy Harrison, CEo of Dimerix


1.00pm - 4.00pm Break

4.00pm Tea/Coffee

Clinical Trial Outcomes, What's Next?

Several companies have reached major clinical milestones in the last 12 months. How good were these results, what is the path these companies are taking now, and how will value creation be reflected in their share prices over the year ahead?

- Paul Rennie, CEO of Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals
- Megan Baldwin, CEO of Opthea
- Tony Keating, CEO of ResApp Health


Investment Panel Session

Introduction by ASX
- Giri Tenneti & Eddie Grieve

The panel will feature some of Australia’s leading biotech and healthcare analysts and fund managers. Discover what is keeping them up at night, what are current market trends, what the outlook is for the next 12 months is and what are their favourite stocks.
- Scott Power, Senior Healthcare Analyst at morgans
- Elyse Shapiro, Healthcare Analyst at Taylor Collison Stockbroking
- Amanda Gillion, Investment Manager at Bioscience Managers
- Stuart Roberts, NDF Research
- Andy Gracey, Portfolio Manager at Australian Ethical Investments

Chair - Mark Pachacz, Bioshares

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Closing Remarks



End of Summit Sessions

Summit Dinner
7.00pm TSS Earnslaw to Walter Peak

Please note that this program is subject to change.


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