Bioshares Biotech Summit 2015 - PROGRAM

2015 Bioshares Biotech Summit - Program
(Queenstown Room, Rydges Lakeland Resort, Queenstown)
Thursday 16 July, 2015
6.00pm CEO Dinner, Millbrook Estate (Biotech company CEOs only, bookings essential) - Pick up from Rydges 6pm
Friday 17 July, 2015
9.00am - 1pm Registration (Queenstown Room foyer)
10.00am Pre-Summit International Financing Master Class (CEOs, CFOs and board members only)
(Clancy's Room)
10.00am Meet the CEO (Investors only)
Brad O'Connor, CEO of Cogstate & Andrew Ronchi, CEO of Dorsavi
(Wakitipu Room, next to main conference room)
Welcome to the Bioshares Biotech Summit 2015
(Queenstown Room)

Defining Corporate Strategies
- The importance of a well-defined corporate strategy to shape future growth will be discussed.
Companies with ambitions to deliver strong growth for shareholders need to have well defined strategies and a mission statement that will drive commercialisation of emerging products into global markets. This session will include speakers from three of Australia's leading life science companies in Australia who will explain their big picture strategies and how those companies are structuring their businesses for success.
- Dr David Cade, CMO of Sirtex Medical
- Michael Kavanagh, CEO of Nanosonics
- Michael Kotsanis, CEO of Acrux


Changing Business Models and Evolving Product Opportunities
As companies evolve and grow, their business models need to adapt and their products need to evolve to cater to an ever-changing healthcare market. Three CEOs will discuss how their businesses have changed, programs have been modified or products have evolved in recent years, at the same time as retaining consistency to foundational propositions.
- Andrew Ronchi, CEO of Dorsavi
- Mike McCormick, President & CEO of Osprey Medical
- Andrew Maxwell, CEO of Global Kinetics Corporation

3.20pm - 4.20pm Tea & Coffee Break

The Mike Hirshorn Address
Richard Carreon, CEO of Impedimed


Cancer Immunotherapy
One of the hottest areas of drug development at the moment is in cancer immunotherapy, whereby the body's immune system is used to destroy cancer cells in the body. This session will discuss what is driving the interest in this field, the technologies that are leading the charge, and the approaches and advances that some ASX-listed biotechs are making in this field.
- Krystal Evans, CEO of BioMelbourne Network (Chair)
- Dr Axel Hoos, Director of Imugene (and VP Oncology R&D, GlaxoSmithKline) - KEY NOTE SPEAKER
- Stuart Roberts, Head of Investment Relations at Prima Biomed
- Dr Malcolm McColl, CEO of Viralytics


End of day’s formal sessions

7.00pm - 11pm - Cocktail Reception
Buses to The Winehouse

(Buses leave at 7pm, 715pm and 7.30pm)

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Saturday 18 July, 2015
7.45am Tea & Coffee

New IPOs
In this session we will hear from biotech companies that have listed in the last 12 months, firstly learning of their respective IPO experiences and also about the value propositions of these newly listed companies.
- Rob Birrell, CFO & Director of Genetic Signatures
- Paul Schober & Tracey Mynott, CEO & CSO resp. of Anatara LifeSciences
- Mark Heffernan, CEO of Nexvet


CNS Feature Session
Several Australian and New Zealand companies are working on treating diseases that affect the central nervous system, including Alzheimer's disease, anxiety and multiple sclerosis. These are major market opportunities that are also very challenging diseases. Attendees will learn of the technical approaches companies are taking at tackling these diseases, as well as hearing from companies involved in servicing the larger R&D groups.
- Brad O'Connor, CEO of Cogstate (Chair)
- Sue O'Connor, VP of Neuroscience at Bionomics
- Simon Wilkinson, CEO of Innate Immunotherapeutics
- Bill Ketelbey, CEO of Actinogen Medical

10.10am - 11.10 am Tea & Coffee Break

- Nexia Australia

Biotech Outperformance - Why?
Why has biotech been such an attractive investment class in the US for the last five years? This presentation will include a discussion of the changing paradigms in healthcare. Is there a biotechnology bubble or is it a biotech revolution?
- Jason Kolbert, MD & Head of Healthcare Research at Maxim Group, New York

Value Add Stocks

In this session, attendees will hear from several companies that have the potential for strong share price gains in the next 12-18 months because of plans in progress to capture value through the application of new technologies or smart strategies.
- Megan Baldwin, CEO of Circadian Technologies
- Paul Macleman, CEO of IDT Australia
- Tony Keating, CEO of ResApp Health

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1.15pm - 4.10pm Break

4.00pm Tea/Coffee

Something Old, Something New, and Something You Put in Your Nose
In this session, attendees will hear from three companies, that each for different reasons, should be of great interest to attendees.
- Scott Dodson, CEO of AirXpanders Inc
- Gary Phillips, CEO of Pharmaxis


James Posnett, Manager of Listings at ASX

Investment Panel
Mark Pachacz, Bioshares (Chair)
Graeme Wald, Bioscience Managers
Matthijs Smith, Canaccord Genuity
Dennis Hulme, Edison Investment Research
Derek Jellinek, Morgans

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Closing Remarks



End of Conference Sessions

Dinner sponsored by:

7.00pm/7.15pm/7.30pm - late - Conference Dinner
(Bus & gondola to Skyline)
Theme: Medical Devices

Note, this program is subject to change.


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